Productivity Tip: Share Your Progress

There is no better motivator than peer pressure.

For those of you doing National Novel Writing Month, you know exactly how well publicizing your progress motivates you to work on your novel each day. From NaNoWriMo t-shirts to a public profile page displaying your wordcount, there are more than enough ways to let others know about the challenge you’re undertaking.

But what about every month of the year that isn’t National Novel Writing Month? What do we do then?

Answer: share your progress other ways. Tell friends about the script you’re working on, tweet about the date you expect to finish it, and blog about where you are in your book.

Join writer’s groups, participate in 30 day screenplay challenges, and find a community of people who will not only hold you accountable, but who will also be there to support you through the writing process and offer critiques of your later drafts.

Writing is an isolated task — find support and motivation from others!

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