The Cinema Coffeehouse: Introduction

The Cinema Coffeehouse is Page 85’s new blog series about all things cinema.


This blog series is an amalgam of my two loves: cinema and coffee. You can rest assured that I will be overconsuming a broad assortment of caffeinated beverages throughout this series, as most of these blog posts will be written in coffee shops.

This series will focus on a few key topics:

  • Film history
  • The role of film criticism
  • International and “art” cinema
  • Other seemingly pretentious topics that, when tackled with a kind of coffeehouse casualness, turn out to be critical to our working understanding of film and influence how we write

This series will emphasize the screenwriter’s view on cinema. What does the auteur theory mean for screenwriters? What kind of role do we fit into as the contemporary landscape shifts?

Stick around and find out!

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