Productivity Tip: A Time-Saving Trick



Crafting story arcs and set-ups and payoffs can be difficult — you have to weave them into the story and make them appear smooth and natural.

Luckily, there’s a screenwriting trick that will not only save you time and drafts, but will also help you effortlessly create multiple levels to your script.

It’s simple:

Come up with your ending first.

3 Reasons Why Writing Your Ending First Saves You Time:

  1. Automatic subtext. Great characters have secrets. And when you know how those secrets will unravel in the final act, you can build up to them throughout every conversation and interaction these characters have with one another.
  2. Escalation happens naturally. Your plot will have narrative thrust because you know exactly where you want your characters to end up, and you’re driving your story to completion.
  3. Better set-ups. When you know how your script is going to end, you can craft set-ups that play into this final payoff.

Happy writing!

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