Productivity Tip: Get Competitive!



Hey screenwriters!

Today’s writing tip is all about using a little bit of a competitive spirit to help you reach your daily word count or page count goals.

Not everyone works well in writing partnerships, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with other writers in order to inspire and motivate each other.

Here are four ways to get competitive and get writing!

  1. Page Count Battle. Challenge another writer to a page count battle — see who can write more by the end of the week.
  2. Mutual Deadlines. If you trust each other’s opinions, then promise each other that you’ll give notes on the other person’s work if they reach a certain page.
  3. Writing Group. Join a writing group! Not only will this help you reach out to other writers, but you’ll be motivated to share and improve your own work.
  4. Need for Speed Word War. Having writer’s block on a particular scene? Challenge a friend to a Word War! Battle against each other to see who can write more words in a fifteen minute period. Remember, you can’t edit a blank page, and writing without stopping improves your divergent thinking skills, a key aspect of creativity!

Page 85’s Word War feature will be made open to the public soon! Stay tuned and, as always, keep writing!

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