Book Review: Writing the Pilot

Rabkin notes that there’s a difference between a story that would make a great idea for a pilot, and a story that would make a great idea for a series. While movies only last for two hours, television series can last for hundreds if they are set up correctly.

Book Review: Tales from the Script

Filled with cautionary tales and intriguing anecdotes from writers such as Shane Black and William Goldman, this book should be on every writer’s reading list.

Book Review: The TV Writer’s Workbook

This book offers writing exercises and tips and tricks for writing your first television spec — and what you need to do to become a working television writer.

Book Review: The Real, Low Down Dirty Truth About Hollywood Agenting

Packed with honest and thorough information about anything and everything you should know about the inner workings of the ‘biz, Rima’s book is a must-read for anyone trying to break in to Hollywood.

Book Review: Your Screenplay Sucks

Filled with hard and fast reality checks about the screenwriting process, this book offers a no-nonsense approach to finding (and fixing) the problems in your script.