Creativity Lab: 3 Odd Habits of Writers Explained

The kind of person who decides to sit down and channel the voices in their head and re-work these voices into coherent, dramatic stories is a different kind of person.

A writer — like any other artist — functions differently than the majority of society. Our work consists of creating and getting in touch with the part of our brain that others rarely use.

So what habits do we develop that set us apart? What does our creative brain drive us to do?

From the Lab: 3 Odd Habits of Writers Explained

Creativity Lab: Freewriting and Word Wars

Page 85’s Word War feature isn’t just a fun way to compete against your friends or colleagues to see who can write more words before the timer runs out. It’s actually a proven way for you to improve your creative thinking skills. And creativity is one of those essential skills for all you writers out there, and it even proves advantageous for other industry professionals.

Creativity Lab: 5 Ways to the Right Writing Mindset

A study by Elizabeth Hutton and S. Shyam Sundar from Penn State concerning how videogames affect creativity concludes that people who are either happy or angry are more creative. The study concludes that…

Creativity Lab: Your Writing Spot

Whether it’s the window seat at your local coffeeshop or a nook hidden in a quiet corner of a library, finding a spot where you can get lost in your own world for several hours straight is critical to your success as a writer.