Genre Studies: How to Write a Ballroom Dance Film

My interest in ballroom dance films stems from the fact that I am a ballroom dancer. When I'm not writing screenplays or interacting with you lovely people, I'm getting my Samba on. Over the past few months I've been learning Samba, Waltz, Salsa, … [Continue reading]

Scene Spotlight: Best Ballroom Dance Scenes

  This week I'm breaking down scenes from two of Baz Luhrmann's best movies -- Moulin Rouge and Strictly Ballroom. These are both required viewing if you want to write a ballroom dancing film. I picked these scenes because not only do they … [Continue reading]

Technique of the Week: The Character Reveal

The major moments in cinematic history are almost always character reveals, from "Luke I am your father," to the discovery of the identity of Kaiser Soze, to the infamous reveal in Fight Club. Character reveals are different than plot twists … [Continue reading]

Technique of the Week: V.O. vs. O.S.

  Hey there! Today, we're looking at the difference between "V.O." and "O.S." in screenplays. They're commonly misused -- especially in the case of phone calls -- and the difference is easy to set straight.   V.O. is short … [Continue reading]

Productivity Tip: A Time-Saving Trick

  Crafting story arcs and set-ups and payoffs can be difficult -- you have to weave them into the story and make them appear smooth and natural. Luckily, there's a screenwriting trick that will not only save you time and drafts, but will … [Continue reading]

Creativity Lab: 3 Odd Habits of Writers Explained

Creativity Lab is our blog series that uses scientific studies to help find ways to make your writing life creatively enriching. The kind of person who decides to sit down and channel the voices in their head and re-work these voices into … [Continue reading]

Coffeehouse: 3 Reasons Why “Art Cinema” Is Worth Studying

The Cinema Coffeehouse is Page 85's new blog series about all things cinema. What do you think of when I say "international art cinema"? If you're like me, you probably immediately think 'French New Wave' and long takes with monotonous … [Continue reading]

The Cinema Coffeehouse: Introduction

The Cinema Coffeehouse is Page 85's new blog series about all things cinema. This blog series is an amalgam of my two loves: cinema and coffee. You can rest assured that I will be overconsuming a broad assortment of caffeinated beverages … [Continue reading]

Productivity Tip: Designing Your Writing Routine

  Hey screenwriters! Today is focused around designing your writing routine in order to better your screenwriting craft. The difference between a hobby and a craft is that crafts must be honed. You have to actively work to shape your … [Continue reading]

Productivity Tip: Use a Scene Outline to Stay Focused

Sometimes, when you sit down to write your screenplay, the blank page can psych you out. With a scene outline, you can map out exactly where you want your scene to go and get an idea of how you want to get there. Here are 4 different ways you … [Continue reading]