Script Editor

Have you completed your outline? Are you ready to write your screenplay?

Open up script editor and let’s get started!

Step One: Pick Your Story

Select “Script Editor” from the Creativity list.

Then, choose the script you want to edit by clicking the “+” symbol.

Step Two: Pick Your Scene

After expanding a story by clicking the + symbol, I can see all of the scenes. So far, I have none of my scenes completed, so they are all in the thumbs-down status.

I’m going to edit the first scene of my Antidote 15 pilot (This is Your Final Task.)


Step Three: Update Scene Information

Add scene objectives, notes, setups and payoffs, story arcs, story beats, and characters to your scene.

Step Four: Write Your Scene

Scroll down and begin writing your scene by clicking “Add Slugline” to show where your scene takes place.

From there, add dialog, action, or parentheticals and start writing!

You can re-arrange lines of dialog and action by clicking the “re-arrange” button to drag and drop different lines.

Click “view scene” to see your scene in professional script format.


Step Five: Complete Your Scene and Continue to the Next Scene

Click the “thumbs down” icon and mark your scene as complete. Then click the blue arrow to move onto the next scene.

Happy writing!


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