How to Write a Screenplay: Formatting Guide

This article is the ultimate guide about how to format a screenplay! Everything from fade ins, fade outs, sluglines, and more is covered here!

Productivity Tip: Get Competitive!

Hey screenwriters!
Today’s writing tip is all about using a little bit of a competitive spirit to help you reach your daily word count or page count goals.

Not everyone works well in writing partnerships, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with other writers in order to inspire and motivate each other.

Technique of the Week: V.O. vs. O.S.

Today, we’re looking at the difference between “V.O.” and “O.S.” in screenplays. They’re commonly misused — especially in the case of phone calls — and the difference is easy to set straight.

Creativity Lab: Your Writing Spot

Whether it’s the window seat at your local coffeeshop or a nook hidden in a quiet corner of a library, finding a spot where you can get lost in your own world for several hours straight is critical to your success as a writer.

Book Review: Writing the Pilot

Rabkin notes that there’s a difference between a story that would make a great idea for a pilot, and a story that would make a great idea for a series. While movies only last for two hours, television series can last for hundreds if they are set up correctly.

Book Review: The Real, Low Down Dirty Truth About Hollywood Agenting

Packed with honest and thorough information about anything and everything you should know about the inner workings of the ‘biz, Rima’s book is a must-read for anyone trying to break in to Hollywood.

Book Review: Your Screenplay Sucks

Filled with hard and fast reality checks about the screenwriting process, this book offers a no-nonsense approach to finding (and fixing) the problems in your script.