Productivity Tip: Designing Your Writing Routine

Today is focused around designing your writing routine in order to better your screenwriting craft.

The difference between a hobby and a craft is that crafts must be honed. You have to actively work to shape your skills and add more skills to your toolbelt. Hobbies don’t require this kind of dedication.

So if you’re serious about being a screenwriter, you should also be serious about setting aside time to write every day. And designing a writing routine can help you stick to your writing goals!

Productivity Tip: Find Your Routine

What’s one of the most important factors that influences what you write on any given day?

Answer: how you prepare for a writing session. Everything you do leading up to when you sit down for a few hours to write influences the kinds of things that appear on the page. Your routine is important not only because it helps cue mental associations with creativity, but also because it can affect the quality of your work.

What kind of habits and routines do you have in place, if any? Here are four tips for spicing up your writing routine: