The Get Started Guide

Hey there, writers! It’s nice to meet you.

First off, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Amy, and I designed the initial software and functional requirements for Page 85 based on my knowledge and research of the industry. I’ve written guest posts for notable screenwriting blogs such as Feedback Friday, and I run my own blog over at

The mission of Page 85 is to create the ultimate cloud-based software package for writers: outlining, researching, re-writing, tracking industry trends, honing creativity, connecting with others — the whole shebang.

Page 85 came out of the idea that, hey! Us writers need a place to stay organized, become inspired, record our research, and hang out with other writers.

I named Page 85 after the snazzy third act break, and you can read more about the name here.

Let’s get started!

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Get Started: Create A Story

Click the clapboard icon next to the “Page 85” logo on the top lefthand corner of the screen, and then select “Add A Story.”

After that, you can describe your concept, create your characters, write a treatment, and add a poster.

  • The Story Outliner allows you to quickly add scenes and outline your script using drag-and-drop. Because who doesn’t like drag and drop?
  • Script Editor. You can write your script right here in Page 85 using John August’s Fountain IO.
  • Script Viewer allows you to view your whole script.
  • The Story Bible compiles all of your pre-writing work into one handy-dandy document.

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This is your Story Outliner. Click on a heading or a description to edit it. You can also add story beats and story arcs, too!

By clicking on a scene, you can start writing it. You can also add objectives, story arcs, location photos, notes, and other information about that scene!

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Creativity Tools — And How They Inspire You!

As a writer, I have an interest in how creativity works. I’ve read countless scientific studies regarding the brain and creativity. While designing Page 85’s features, I’ve been able to use what I’ve learned to create features that will help you come up with better ideas, and, in turn, better stories.

Idea Boards is your free-form, bulletin-board like brainstorming tool where you can pull in photos and notecards and connect them how you see fit. It also makes you feel like Carrie from Homeland.

**Idea Boards are under renovation — stay tuned for their triumphant third act return in August!

Daily Recall works like this: think of a person, place or thing from your past and write down as much as you can in 15 minutes. You can stop at any time. Using your memory improves your creativity, plus you’ll have great notes for character development and background.


Productivity Tools: Organized, and Stress-Free in the Cloud

fluffy things in the sky < cloud computing

Cloud computing is something special for several reasons:

  • Save your precious disc space. Everything is stored in the beautiful blue sky of the internet. This means you don’t have to worry about dropping your computer and losing all of your work. (Or spilling tea on your laptop, which I have been dangerously close to doing on numerous occasions.)
  • Access your work anywhere. All you need is internet access and your Page 85 login, and you can access your stories, notes, and outlines anywhere, anytime! We’re also optimized for mobile viewing, so you can use your phone to access Page 85 as well!
Page 85 lives in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about wondering where you put your notes about forensics procedures, or what happened to that to-do list for this week.

Our Notebooks feature allows you to store your research, story ideas, pitches, series bibles, favorite quotes, and anything else you may think of. Soon, you’ll also be able to add photos and Spotify songs to your Notebook entries.

Who needs paper when you’ve got our sleek notebook design? Losing notebooks, running out of ink, ripping important pages — it’s all a thing of the past.

Just the other day I lost a notebook with pages and pages of research and new scenes. Luckily I recovered it, but from now on all my notes are going to be safely stored in Page 85.

More Features

  • Word Wars. Battle other users in the daily word war! You have fifteen minutes to write all you can about whatever you’d like. We provide a photo of the day and an optional prompt to help inspire you.
  • Random Generators. Access this tool from the home page! If you need random names or jobs, we’ve got your back!
  • Creativity & Productivity Lab. You can access our collection of articles about creativity studies along with tips on how you can be more productive!

Send Feedback!

Here’s the thing: Page 85 has grown thanks to you guys. Your feedback has continued to help us on our journey to become the perfect writing tool. So don’t hesitate to tell me what works and what doesn’t!

So where do you send your ultra-valuable feedback?

Contact Me

Shoot me an email at

Thanks again for using Page 85!