How Version 1.0 Works for You

Hey everyone! Page 85’s official launch date is set for Summer 2013, but we’re working hard to unroll changes now so you guys can take advantage of them.

Here are some of our great new changes!

New: Daily Recall

Daily Recall is our new feature that is scientifically proven creativity-improvement tool used by creative writing teachers across the country.

The Feature:

  • Think of a person, place or thing from your past and write down as much as you can in 15 minutes. You can stop at any time. Using your memory improves your creativity, plus you’ll have great notes for character development and background.
You can find “Daily Recall” on the homepage underneath “Creativity Lab”


  • Proven creativity improvement exercise. In order to come up with the best, most creative ideas, you have to exercise your brain. Mental exercises such as Daily Recall require you to remember details, and fill in what you don’t remember in order to create a new
  • Create an idea database. By building a database of all of the places you’ve been and people you’ve met, you’ll have an invaluable set of elements you can work into your stories to add texture and realism to everything you write.

Log in at to start a new Daily Recall!

New: Page 85’s Classic Movie Database

The Matrix, Big Fish and the Chuck pilot are all available for viewing in the StoryDB. More movies and shows to be added soon!

You can find “Story DB” located under “Industry News” on the lefthand sidebar


  • Learn from the masters. By studying the outlines, character archetypes, and screenplays written by the leaders of the industry, you can learn invaluable lessons about how great stories are crafted, and how they function on paper.
  • Read great scripts. Click on a scene in outline mode to read the screenplay. What better way to learn how a skyscraper was built other than studying the blueprints?
  • See how Page 85 can work for you. See how story arcs, the traditional beat structure, and all of our other features work together to help elevate the pre-writing process to help maximize the finished product.

New: Idea Boards

This is your free-form, bulletin-board like brainstorming tool where you can pull in photos and notecards and connect them how you see fit.

 The Get Started Guide

Improved: Script Editor

We’ve integrated John August’s open source, which allows you to write a screenplay in plaintext, and it’s automatically formatted in screenplay format!

What does this mean? You can write your screenplay in a word document, on your iPhone– (or, in this case, a Page 85 text field) without having to learn keystrokes or worrying about compatibility.

In a nutshell:


Becomes This:

Write your script, scene-by-scene with effortless speed in Page 85. All you have to do is click on a scene within your outline, and begin typing!

We’re also hoping to get export to Final Draft and PDF up and running soon– so stay tuned for that!

More Improvements

We’ve also improved some usability issues and changed some screens to offer you a more streamlined user interface.

Here are some of the additional changes:

  • Cleaner “My Stories” Layout
  • Improved Character pages
  • Better scene pages
  • Addition of “Location” Pages: add photos and notes to all of your locations
  • In-scene “notes” system: write notes on each scene via the top bar


Thanks for being a part of the Page 85 community!