Welcome, Alpha Testers!

Hey alpha testers! We’re so glad you’re on board to help us improve Page 85!

I’ve created this handy-dandy page for you so that you can get an idea of our features and where they’re located in the website.


  • My Stories. This is your outlining tool. Drag and drop scenes within the act structure of your choice, and assign beats and story arcs to each scene. Organize set-ups and payoffs, and utilize archetypes to create characters and your plot.
  • My Notebooks. Organize your research here!
  • My Shows. Starting a webseries or launching a TV show? This feature is for you!¬†Showrunners, Producers and Writers come together as a creative team to develop and produce an episode based show. Document management, roles, assignments, workflow, deadlines and discussion boards help you and your creative team create amazing content.
  • Word Wars. Battle other users in the daily word war! You have fifteen minutes to write all you can about whatever you’d like. We provide a photo of the day and an optional prompt to help inspire you.
  • Timed Writes. The “sandbox” mode of Word Wars. Write for however long you’d like!
  • To Do Lists. Keep track of all your story-related tasks here! You’ll see your high priority to-do items every time you log into Page 85.
  • Contact Manager. In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know! So keep track of everyone you know in this private contact manager.
  • Member Directory. Connect with other Page 85 users!
  • News Feeds. Stay on top of all industry news in one place!

Coming Soon:

  • Mind Maps. Our free-form brainstorming tool to help you organize your thoughts.
  • The Science of Creativity. A series of articles explaining how you can become more creative!
  • Meeting Tracker.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Amy at: amy@page85.com

And don’t hesitate to send us your feedback! We want to improve our software so that we can attract agents, producers, and managers to our community as well. So let us know about possible improvements, bug fixes, or anything at all!

Thanks for being a part of Page 85, where creativity meets productivity!