What is Page 85?

Page 85 is a secret in the screenwriting community, so there’s a lot of mystery shrouding what it really is.

Some say it killed a man.

Others say it’s a cloud-based software for screenwriters who want to be more productive and creative, and that its tools and features are based on studies about the science behind how your brain invents great ideas.

I mean, you could click this link, which may or may not bring you to a secret page only God (and our beta testers) know about, but that’s up to you.

Or, you could read some probably baseless speculation about what the name Page 85 really means, or you could even follow this mythical beast on Twitter.

Perhaps you might even email Amy Suto, the screenwriter who dreamed up the framework for this proverbial smoke monster at amy [at] page85 [dot] com and talk to her about any questions you may have.