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Amy Suto is the chief architect responsible for the user interface design and industry specific functionality. As an active leader in a new generation of writers, Amy brings a unique perspective on collaborative development, constructive criticism, and the creative process.




My name is Amy and I’m one of the Gatekeepers of Page 85.

Everything began when I conducted a research study regarding creativity, and how it is a skill that can be learned, taught, and improved through practice. I realized that by doing certain exercises (like Word Wars and Freewriting) can actually immensely improve your ability to generate great ideas.

Page 85 is where creativity and productivity intersect.

As screenwriters, we not only have to generate hundreds of viable, entertaining ideas for scripts and scenes and characters, but we have to output a huge amount of material in order to have a successful career.

Page 85 Features

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I can’t give them away here because good things come to those who wait.

But as a Page 85 Gatekeeper, I can assure you that our writing tools will help you excel and stand out.